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"G.I. Chimp?  Wha-?"  Only because the base was a G.I. Joe figure, which I normally never work with.  The reason is that, compared to Dragon, Blue Box, et al, Joes are quite inflexible.  But a G.I Joe "Canine Corps" figure was a prize for a model kit show I won years ago, and I had to do something with it.  Originally the figure was going to be Superman.  I think the ape was the better choice.
I wasn't trying for a likeness of Cornelius from Planet of the Apes, in spite of the clothes I gave it.  Although Tim Burton's version of POTA blew compared to the first, I was impressed with Rick Baker's makeup work.  But, you know, he's Rick Baker.  My goal was to make an enraged chimp in the style of the new movie's makeup, but wearing the old movie's clothes.  The new costumes were a bit intricate, and I was more interested in the face at the time.
Magic Sculpt was added to the Joe face - no sanding down - and the "fur" came from a swatch of fake fur available at places like Michael's and A..C Moore.  That was glued on bit by bit with Fabric Tac glue.  Fake fur was also added to the feet and hands.
Speaking of the feet, to make them more apelike, I cut the feet almost in half, then used Magic Sculpt to lengthen the toes and add a "thumb" to the side.  No lengthening to the fingers; only paint.
The costume was handsewn.  I actually used a wood burner to burn in the pattern on the piece of suede in the front.  Kids - don't try that at home!

This figure is available now for $80, plus shipping, which is dependent on location.