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Lamont Cranston is... The Shadow.  Some say that even the name Lamont Cranston is a pseudonym.  Although inspired by the film starring Alec Baldwin, I was not interested in making a Baldwin likeness, but capturing the essence of The Shadow.  This meant lots of black.
An unknown German soldier by Ultimate Soldier was converted here.  The hairstyle was a bit odd: the back and side sections had been "shaved" bare.  Perhaps this was the style for Germans in the 1940s.  Magic Sculpt filled in the rest of the hair, then.  The nose was embellished to be more Shadow-like (that is, prominent).  I decided to match the film's effect of making The Shadow's eyes silvered whenever he was Shadowing about.
The cape and red scarf were hand-sewn, but The Shadow's main coat was donated by 21st Century Toys "Matilda" figure.  The figure was female, but the coat fit, anyway.

Although not the traditional sloping fedora, the hat's brim is nice and wide.  The search continues for a sloping fedora with wide brims, regardless.

Status: SOLD!

No complaints from me.  I think the pants and boots came from the original German figure.  The shoulder holsters also came from "Matilda," but unlike The Shadow, she was not armed with twin .45s.  Fortunately a friend had some from a soldier figure.  The twins were then painted silver and white.
I used Magic Sculpt to extend the hands into gloves, and of course sculpted his ring, which he uses to contact his many operatives.  Last of all is the hat, from Sideshow Toys' Wyatt Earp.