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Aeryn Sun

Former Peacekeeper commando and officer Aeryn Sun, of the greatest TV show ever made, Farscape. Aeryn began as Beka Valentine of Andromeda, but since Andromeda is not the greatest show ever made, Beka's face was destined to be altered.

Alas, Beka's vinyl hair, although mostly short and fairly flat, included a Veronica Lake-like part to the side that almost obscured the right side. A friend always cast vinyl heads in resin first before customizing, but since my goal was to keep the "playability" of the doll as high as possible, I used the original head and its highly articulated neck.

A Dremel tool removed the protruding "hair," but the vinyl itself was removed in that spot. Solution? Remove the head, tape up the hole with duct tape, and pour plaster inside, but not enough to plug up the neck joint. The plaster dries, the tape is removed, and Magic Sculpt applied over the "wound" finished the job.

Beka still didn't look like Aeryn, though. Claudia Black's jaw is more prominent, her ears are farther back, her nose is a slightly different shape, and her lips are wider. All of those discrepancies needed to be remedied via Magic Sculpt. As for the hair, that was mohair dyed black and glued on a little at a time, then cut and shaped.

I chose the Beka figure mainly for the costume. Both characters favor black leather outfits, fortunately. Here, though, I cut the outfit in half and rigged the zipper so that it's attached only in the middle of the vest; Aeryn seems to favor that "look." Like John Crichton, she carries a pulse pistol, so I sculpted one from scratch, then cast it and made a few copies.

Current Status: residing in Stately Black Manor!

Farscape and all related properties and characters are owned by The Henson Company