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Barbie's friend Apey is available now for $60, with shipping dependent on location.

A former coworker dared me to make this. I'd brought in the GI Ape for Show 'n' Tell, prompting him to request an Ape Barbie as his potential girlfriend. The doll's, not his. I agreed. I deliberately left most of the doll untouched, choosing to preserve its essential Barbie-ness. That's why the long, blonde hair is still long and blonde, and the clothing is straight from Barbie Fashions rack. I admit that I was excited to find an animal print outfit, though. The facial features were sculpted directly over the doll head using Magic Sculpt, a 2-part, air-drying epoxy. In keeping with the Barbie-ness, I sculpted a tiny smile for her, with bright red lipstick, of course, to complete the most glamourous chimp around.