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Lt. Tawny Madison

Never mind Ripley - Sigourney Weaver's greatest role is Gwen DeMarco, aka Lieutenant Tawny Madison of the NSEA Protector!

All right, I tease, but the film "Galaxy Quest" is so spot-on about the world of conventions and the guest actors, I keep expecting to see them as guests and find reruns of the show. Alas, neither will come to pass.

Tawny began as Geometric's Ripley figure - or rather, the head did. Everything else was scratch-built, then painted with acrylic and chalk pastels for highlights. Looking at pictures of her in uniform, it was so form-fitting that there were scarcely any folds or wrinkles, but in retrospect I should have sculpted more. Else it looks less real, as you can see below. Irony!

If interested, Tawny is available now for $50.