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The only part that was cast in resin, then, was the base. Everything else remains Sculpey, painted with acrylic and chalk pastels for highlights and shading.

This was, I believe, the first sculpt I did with the hopes of making a kit. Like in the case of Lobo and Dawg, my lack of moldmaking skills prevented this. Example, the fingers are very small and thin. At the time I wasn't willing to sacrifice the sculpture in order to make the mold, which often happens when casting delicate pieces.

This werewolf in mid-transformation is meant to recreate a scene from one of my books, The Werewolf Chronicles. The main character Lorraine is a dancer, and so is often dressed in workout clothes. Her first transformation actually occurs while working out in a gym, but a "gym" base (meaning a polished wooden floor) would have been a bit boring. Hence the more traditional forest-style base. As you can see, I went for an asymmetrical look for the change, including in the face.

If interested, "Lorraine" is available now for $100.