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Dream 'n' Death

These cutesies might be familiar to readers of Neal Gaiman's Sandman comic book series. If not, these are Dream and Death, aka the personifications of those abstract concepts. In one of the issues, Abel (of Cain and Abel. Yes, THAT Cain and Abel) tells a whimsical story about when Dream and Death were "young." So they were depicted as the children we see here. Call them Li'l Dream and Li'l Death if you must.

I believe that Jill Thompson illustrated that issue, and even made plush versions of them herself, which I saw at a San Diego Comic Con one year. I'd already been inspired to sew these tykes on my own, so didn't need to buy hers.

As for most of my plushes, I used no patterns.

I'm rather fond of the kids, which is why I don't have a price for them here, but could possibly be tempted to part with them if somebody made a substantial offer.

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