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Do you wish you had your own action figure of Dave Lister or Arnold Rimmer to tuck in at night? Does it boggle your mind that Hogan's Heroes and Get Smart have their own doll line, but not The Dick Van Dyke Show? How can toymakers sleep at night without Alex Rogan or Grig figures on their "to do" lists? Even if these questions aren't on your mind, surely you've wondered how cool it would be to have an action figure of (insert favorite character here) or even of... (gasp!) yourself! Or someone you know. Or both! This is where I come in.

I'd call this the FAQ page, but nobody has asked these questions:

Do you fix dolls?  You know, "doctor" them?
Nope!   I'm a cosmetic surgeon, not an ER doctor. Sorry!   However, there are plenty of doll fixers and "doll hospitals" out there.
What do you do, then?
I customize dolls - mostly the 12" action figures such as those made by Dragon, Blue Box, 21st Century, et al, into something else.  If you browse the 12" Dolls page, you'll notice that most of them are TV/movie characters, since that's where my sensibilities lie.  Commissioned pieces could be anyone, real or fictional.
I also dabble in sewing at times - specifically, plush figures of characters I... well, that I wanted a plush version of.  Like a plush Darth Maul.  Who wouldn't want a soft and cuddly version of a sith lord?
And last of all, I also sculpt things from scratch when the mood strikes me, or more typically, customizing a 12" doll would be too difficult.
What about smaller dolls?  Do you do those?  Like Megos?
I've done smaller dolls, such as converting a "Willow" (from Buffy) into the vampire version of Willow.  1/6 is easier to work with, though, and it's much easier to get a hold of base dolls to convert.  And whadda you mean, Mego??  Those are collector's items!  I'd feel bad converting one.  Unless the request came from Toyfare Magazine, heh.
What about Barbies?
Sure, I'd convert a Barbie into something.  I've done two already: to make one into a vampire and another into an ape.  No Vampire Ape Barbies, though.  I haven't done more only because I'm not into Barbie and never have been, addicted as I am to really articulated figures.  But if you can't die happy without a Minbauri Barbie, let me know.

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