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Before we go any farther, how much do you charge?

It depends on what's requested.  Take a range of $120-500 into account before ordering a 12" doll, from the simplest to the most complex. My base cost is going to vary between $30 - $70 just for the base doll.  The good ones like from Dragon and Blue Box typically start at $50.  Custom Barbies would likely be under $100, simply because base Barbies don't cost that much to start.
As much as I'd like to, then, I can't give exact prices, because each figure would be one of a kind.**  The final price would depend on the complexity of the figure, materials, etc.  Example, the stretchy metallic fabric for the "God" figure turned out to be mighty expensive.  That sort of thing.
I will work with each customer to settle on a price.  If settlement can't be made, I won't do the figure.  Period.  Hagglers will more likely talk me out of doing the figure than dropping the price.
**I reserve the right to make castings of the head sculpts, if possible, for my own use.

What about dolls and other things that you've already made?

Most of them have a price on their pages, either to buy the piece I have, or to order a new one.  If there isn't a price, contact me, and I'll give a quote.

What about plush toys or sculptures?

Again, it depends on what you want. For example, I'd probably charge around $200 for Jay and Silent Bob, which is a ballpark figure and NOT a quote, but less for something smaller and/or less complicated. I'd need to know first what you wanted sewn and/or sculpted, same as for the custom dolls.

What if I already have the doll I want you to customize?

Great!  I'd deduct the cost of the base doll, but there're still extra materials and labor to consider.  If you want the Scarran Emperor, well, that fellow's mighty complex.  He'd be several $100 just for the work involved.  You get the idea.


I apologize for not having a Shopping Cart system set up.  However, since I can't set my prices, a S.C. wouldn't be all that efficient.
I will accept Paypal, money order or personal checks.  Keep in mind that the check has to clear before I do any work.  Once the price is settled, at least 50% payment is necessary before I begin.  I'll provide updates if desired, probably send pics, too, and once finished, I'll need the remaining payment before sending it.

Will you take trade?

No.  As far as I'm concerned, that's asking me to do it for free.  Trade might drop the final price, but not eliminate it entirely.

How long will it take?

Again, it depends on the complexity of the figure.  When on a roll, I can finish a figure in a month.  It's not my 9-to-6 job, alas.  I can give a better estimate after knowing more about what's needed, but expect no less than two months.  If needing it by a specific date (birthdays, other occasions), I will do my best to accommodate, but please order within ample time.

Do me, do me!  What do you need?

Lots of pictures!  Front view, profiles (both sides), back view and 3/4 views on both sides of the face, and also of the full body.  Ahem - no nude shots, please.  I won't get THAT detailed.  If there's a specific outfit desired, I'll need clear photos of that, too.  The same goes for any desired accessories.  Real photos are preferred over jpgs/gifs, but I'll work with what's provided.
If the desired figure is of an actor/character, I can probably find plenty of pictures on the web and elsewhere, but if you have any specific images to replicate, please send those or fascimiles.
If you already have the base doll to work from, by all means, send that, too!
I reserve the right to take pictures at each stage of the conversions to add to my portfolio.

Ready to rumble?  Drop me a line, then:

The Doll Doctor

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