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Phun Phact:  I managed to meet Gigi Edgley at a convention and give this to her in person.  She was pleased and referred to it as "Mini Me" in her autograph to me.  I also got a free pic with her holding the doll, mwah ha.

Chiana of the best TV show ever made, Farscape, began as a Sideshow Toys "Art S. Buck" generic female figure.  No sculpting here, just matching the makeup job on Gigi Edgley.  The white hair came from a scrap of fake fur, available at places like Michael's and A.C. Moore, cut off the fabric and glued on bit by bit.  My glue of choice for that is Fabric Tac.  Chalk pastel brushed and rubbed onto the fur took care of the black highlights.
I also used chalk pastels for the facial and body shading.  Gigi tells the story of how her father, seeing her makeup, teased that her boobs must have taken longer to make up than her face.  One wonders if all Aussie dads make fun of their daughters' bodies.  Moving on...
The boots came from 21st Century Toys "Matilda" figure, which is supposed to a female spy type.  The rest of her costume was handmade, though.  Chiana's costumes are never simple, alas.  Skimpy, yes, but not simple.  I hand-sewed the rest from T-shirt material, thin vinyl, strips of masking tape, and fabric paint.  The masking tape was used to simulate the vaguely grey-metallic pattern on her costume.  Trust me; that was her simplest outfit as far as I could tell.  The various pieces were made in sections, then glued onto the doll's grey "bodysuit."  The pieces were sectional to allow for as much movement as possible, since my goals with these dolls is to allow as much playability as possible.

"I want my own Chiana!"
A 12" Chiana as seen above would cost $200.

Farscape and Chiana owned by The Henson Company