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Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan, aka Lorne, aka The Host, aka... well, I think that's it for his "akas."  I honestly have no idea which figure I used, since a friend gave me a resin casting of one of his figure's heads.  It vaguely resembled one of the Baldwin Brothers.  Not Alec.  I served as the makeup artist here, then.  No sanding down, only adding to.  I elongated the chin and nose, added horns, and "poofed" up the hair.  The paint job was embellished with chalk pastel shading and gold powdered pearl to highlight the hair.
His (empty) drink glass was that - a miniature drink glass.  The microphone started as the silencer for a rifle, sanded to a taper, with Magic Sculpt on top for the microphone itself.
Can't say the sewing job for the clothes is my best, but I did make several outfits (not shown) to accommodate Lorne's unusual fashion sense.  I ended up making a full, red suit, a yellow shirt, and a red shirt.

I debated drilling out the mouth and sculpting it into a singing position (complete with teeth, tongue, tonsils... Okay, maybe not the tonsils), but opted for the original mouth.  He doesn't sing ALL the time.  If I made another Lorne, I'd probably go for the gusto.