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Crais' costume changed a little after becoming the gunshop Talyn's captain, but I liked his Peacekeeper captain uniform better, so replicated that. A black jacket from, of all things, a 12" "Gentleman" figure from the TV series Buffy, was stitched tightly shut. The PK vest was cut from black vinyl. The red edging was painted. I couldn't find any black pants for some reason, and dying other pants black proved impossible for some reason, so I just sprayed them with black paint. The "skirt" below the vest was made from an old pair of my own pants.

Former Peacekeeper captain Bialar Crais of the greatest TV show ever made, Farscape. Crais began as an Ultimate Soldier figure, originally bought for its apparent resemblance to Jason Mewes, but this delusion was quickly expelled. Just not before buying it. Luckily, the face had a good starting resemblance to actor Lani Tupu, who played Crais (and was the voice of Pilot!).

The head was slightly longer than Tupu's, and so needed to be sanded down, but also to slope the brow more. Because the original vinyl was in danger of being removed by the sanding, I eventually sloped the forehead more by adding Magic Sculpt to the eyebrows. Other embellishments: adding a tiny more "baggage" under the eyes, increasing the size of the ears, widening the nose, and adding Crais' distinctive goatee. Mohair was dyed black and glued on bit by bit. Crais wears a tight ponytail that appears to be wrapped in wide black tape or ribbon, so I cut electrical tape a long, thin strip and wrapped the mohair a la Crais'.

Since the doll was meant to be given to Lani Tupu, I personalized the base, originally a Sideshow Toys "Art S. Buck" figure base, with the Farscape logo and "Bialar Crais" below that in a militaristic font. The base was then covered with clear plastic for protection.

UPDATE, 8/6/03- Back from Scapercon 2003, where I was able to present Mini Crais in person to Lani Tupu. He approved. Mr. Tupu then spent much of his time putting it into different positions. A guy who appreciates his toys! I managed to get a free picture with him for it, which was cool.

Not that I wouldn't make another, if an order were placed.

Farscape and all related properties and characters are owned by The Henson Company