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For fun, I decided to make 7" figures from The Wizard of Oz. Obviously these were not based on the MGM movie versions, but on John R. Neill's illustrations for L. Frank Baum's books. I didn't like W.W. Denslow's illustrations that much. The main reason that Dorothy is not included is that I liked neither Denslow's nor Neill's renditions of Dorothy. She either looks 5 years old or like a Gibson Girl, so I chose not to do a Dorothy rather than mix Judy Garland's version with the books. Yes, I can be quite the purist at times.

Only the Cowardly Lion was made using a pattern, which I still have available. The mane was the most time-consuming part, since it was created by tying a knot in the center of tan thread, then pushing each end from the inside of the fabric to the outside. The knot then keeps each thread in place.

Each of the figures, including the Lion, have wire frames to allow poseability. The Scarecrow's hat is also removable.

The Scarecrow was made without a pattern, as was the Tin Woodsman, who was created from Sculpey, tape, and pipe cleaners, all painted silver. The Tin Woodsman is quite crude by my standards today and can't stand up without support. This would not be the case if made today. Heck, I'd probably bend sheets of aluminum into the proper shapes to make him today. Because I'm obsessive.