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Kubrick Farscape

To my knowledge, the Japanese toy company Medicom/Kubrick hasn't made any Farscape characters, so I made my own. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Kubrick figures are about halfway in size between Lego minifigures and Playmobil figures.

Shown here are Crais, Zhaan, John, Aeryn, and Chiana. I have plans to make D'argo and Scorpius, too, but ran out of time before attending Scapercon 2003 in Chicago. On a whim, I donated these to the charity auction, where the caller inaccurately described them as Legos. (Gr. Argh.). They sold for $120! That in spite of Chiana's arm having broken off the night before and needing to be glued on, rendering it immobile, which I told the bidders ahead of time.

Base figures included generic male and female Kubricks and the "cast" of Blair Witch 2. Yes, Kubrick made toys of those characters.

Farscape and related characters owned by The Henson Company