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If interested, Spider-man vs. ??? is available for $150.

Looks like someone or thing is getting the better of Spider-man in a New York alley. The only part not scratch-built was Spider-man's main body and head. The upper arms/hands, legs, and face were added on with Sculpey. The original piece was from a "Spider-man vs. The Lizard" kit, where Spidey's legs are wrapped around The Lizard's neck. I bought a cast-off piece that was missing the arms and legs and part of the face. Rather than complete the mask, then, I sculpted a portion of Peter Parker's face as if his foe had managed to get in several good punches.

The base is wood covered with papier mache and sprayed black. The "brick" wall is balsa foam carved with a dull knife to make the brick pattern. Some of the "bricks" were then cut out all the way, repositioned, and reglued to appear as though Spidey has been hit hard enough to cave in part of the wall. The trash at bottom is dollhouse miniature items, except for the rat, which came from a "Graf Orlok" (aka Nosferatu) action figure.

Spider-man is owned by Marvel Comics. But created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko!