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If the hair looks like yarn, that's because it is. Sikozu's hair does appear rather yarn-like in magazine photos, so rather than give red mohair a perm, I glued on unraveled yarn. The creation of yarn makes for nicely curled individual strands when unraveled.

Current Status: residing in Stately Hill Manor!

Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu of the best TV series ever, Farscape. Sikozu, or Sikky-poo, as I like to call her, comes courtesy of an Art S. Buck generic female doll. Prepared to do a lot of sculpting and dremeling, I compared the doll's head to Sikozu's and couldn't decide what, exactly, needed to be done. In the end I just rounded out the chin a little, and the rest was a paint job.

It's difficult to tell here, but Sikozu is covered with translucent "scales" painted on using (almost) clear Pearl paint. Enough paint was removed from the brush to almost be a drybrush, and then her "scales" were painted onto the arms, chest/neck, temples and forehead.

Chalk pastels were used for the pink highlights, and Pearl Ex gold pigment was brushed over the entire doll to add a gold tone to her. She's quite a shiny character.

The boots were modified from a 21st Century "Matilda" doll's boots, then painted red, then orange. The costume was made from red vinyl painted with a layer of orange.

Farscape, Sikozu and all related characters are owned by The Henson Company