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Commandant Mele-on Grayza

The biggest challenge for this doll was (surprise!) her top, which consisted of the low-cut jacket and white blouse, high collar, and lots of beadwork.  The white blouse has vertical folds which don't occur naturally at 1/6 scale, so needed to be formed by hand, then glued and sewn into position.  The high collar was achieved by cutting cardstock to shape and sewing it inside black fabric.  As for the beads, well, I've never worked with beads before, so ended up using a combination of stringed and single beads, glued into place.

Miscellaneous closeups of the beadwork, which, to my dismay, turned out to be rather delicate.  But who would give something like this to a 4-year-old, eh?

Commandant Mele-on Grayza, aka Commandant Cleavage, of the greatest TV show ever, Farscape.  The Commandant began as a Sideshow Toys "Art S. Buck" female.  I had to do a bit of modification to the doll's nose, jaw, and overal head shape before it resembled actress Rebecca Riggs.
The pale fleshtone is on purpose, since in some shots, Grayza looks almost grey.  Shading of grey, blue, purple and black was accomplished using chalk pastels.  As for the spots of shininess on the face, I drybrushed semi-transparent Pearl paint.  The Helmet Hair is just black mohair glued on with Fabric Tac and trimmed appropriately.

The Commandant looking all seductive and stuff.  Per the show, she'd had some kind of gland implanted that produced an aphrodisiac in her sweat, which explains her rather rapid rise to power amongst her people.
Below is an example of how this sweat typically affects men.

Current Status: residing in Stately Riggs Manor! Not hand-delivered at a con, alas, but I'm told that she approved of her Mini Me.

Farscape and all related characters are owned by The Henson Company