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This costume was a big challenge for several reasons:  three different kinds of material, piping separating each section, and pleats.  Pleats!  Ever made pleats at 1/6 scale?  Neither had I!  A lot of tedious gluing and sewing was involved.
In the spirit of the original photo's scene, I decided to make an "accessory" for Braca in the form of a 1/12 scale "Scorpius" plush doll that could double either as Braca's boss, now on a leash, or a plush toy for Braca to sleep with.  Er... those who watch Farscape never really could figure out Braca's and Scorpius', um, real relationship.

And they called it - Scorpy Looooo-oo-oo-oooooove....

Current Status: residing at Stately Franklin Manor! (both Braca and Scorpy, one hopes)

Captain Braca, formerly Lieutenant Braca, of the greatest TV show ever, Farscape.  A friend provided me with a base head from an unknown Dragon action figure that resembled actor David Franklin enough for me to begin work.  Challenges for the likeness came from the odd shape of Franklin's head (bulbous in places, yet flat and/or angular in others), his nose, cheeks, and hair.
Mr. Franklin picked the costume he wanted himself, from a lovely photo of Captain Braca holding his former boss by a leash.  You haveta see the show to understand THAT little plotpoint.

Li'l Scorpy was a straight sewing job and not based on a vinyl doll.  Obviously the intention was for silliness over realism, so the "costume" is a very simplified version of the real Scorpius'.

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