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Added to the Farscape Line is Raxil, a one-time character from the episode "Scratch and Sniff."  Raxil is creepy, androgynous, manipulative, two-faced, and is played by Fran Buller, wife of series star Ben Browder.  Raxil began, as most of my female dolls do, with Sideshow Toys' generic female.  Although the character is a prosthetic makeup job, some modifications needed to be made to the nose, chin, and forehead before applying Magic Sculp for the "prosthetics."
The costume is just gold lamé over white fabric and brown piping.  The pouch and belt were swiped from a soldier doll's inventory.  Rumor has it that Mr. Browder hated "Raxil" because the character was so creepy, and wouldn't let his own wife near him while in makeup.  Heh.

Current Status: residing in Stately Buller/Browder Manor!

Some closeups of the head.

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