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I decided against making the half-mask removable, since that would have required hollowing out the head and fitting a light bulb inside to replicate the bright glow that Stark's mask hides. Sorry, Paul! The mask was just very thin Super Sculpey molded to fit the face, then painted silver and "stressed" with a brown wash and chalk pastels. The straps were just some brown fabric cut as needed and glued on. The "buckles" for the straps were some accessories dug up from past soldier dolls.

All the clothing except Stark's pants and boots was handmade. The little brass/gold fasteners in front were sculpted from wire and Super Sculpey. Finding those in the Soldier Bin would have been nice!

Current Status: residing in Stately Goddard Manor!

Stark of the best TV show ever made, Farscape. Stark is known for his lack of mental stability and that half-mask that hides a very luminescent side to him.

I have a friend who buys a lot of figures, casts the heads, then gives the castings to me. Truth is, I don't know whose head it originally was, but it resembled actor Paul Goddard enough for a start. As usual there was work to do on the nose. There always is. Because the head was resin and resistant to heat, I could use Super Sculpey for the features. The original jawline was a little too distinct, so a Dremel tool softened that up a bit. Next was to redo the mouth and give it a bit of a sneer. Stark tends to fluctuate wildly between "crazy" and "mean," and I found that I preferred "mean." Most of the mouth was redone from scratch, then.

Stark catching up on his reading between takes.

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