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Jay, aka the first half of Jay and Silent Bob, those lovable drug dealers created by filmmaker Kevin Smith. "Jay" was based on his real-life pal Jason Mewes. Ironically, in person Mr. Mewes is rather shy and doesn't speak much, and Mr. Smith never shuts up.

The body came from Sideshow Toys' generic "Art S. Buck" male figure. The head came from my growing pile of generic action figure heads. I found one that resembled Mewes enough for a start. As usual, a lot of work on the nose needed to be done. All of the clothing except the black shoes was handmade. I chose Jay's "costume" from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back."

To make things more difficult for me, in the film Jay wears three pieces on top, and some kind of pants with a stripe down the side and a slit near the bottom that opens up, revealing red fabric. Thanks, Jay! Jat's first shirt is a black T with a "Berzerker" logo on front and "Berzerker's" tour schedule on back. "Berzerker" is a fictional band first mentioned in Smith's first film "Clerks."

Jay's second shirt is a Quik Stop employee shirt. It's a two-toned number with short, striped sleeves (not shown) that I had to hand draw, since I couldn't find striped material with the correct colors.

A closeup, plus a shot of Jay's Dealer Union card, as seen in the film. Fortunately The Stash also sells replicas of the cards, and so has a nice, clear image of Jay's on its site. I reduced the image to 1/6 scale size.

Jay is kind enough here to give a better view of the "Berzerker" shirt. To get the image, I went to the website of Smith's Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash and browsed for images of that shirt, which the Stash sells. Then I printed it out and glued it on. Not as nice as a screenprint, but this is 1/6 scale, here. I did the same thing for the tour logo.

The Quik Stop shirt and yellow/black jacket were also hand-sewn. Fortunately Jay removes his jacket during the film, allowing for a full shot of the employee shirt. By the way, the Quik Stop stores are *not* fictional.

"I want my own Jay!"
A 12" Jay as seen above would cost $200.

"Jay" is owned by Kevin Smith and View Askew Productions