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Before we go any farther, how much do you charge?

As much as I'd like to, I can't give exact prices, because everything I make is one-of-a-kind.  It depends on the size, complexity, materials, etc. that are requested or required.
But ballpark:
  • Custom 12" action figures have in the past been in the $150 - 300 range.  Nowadays that's about what you pay from the mass-production companies like RAH and Hot Toys.  Expect a larger $$ figure, then, for a unique piece.
  • Sculptures are the toughest to price because every piece I've made has been very different, not just in design but in size.  Small ones such as the Gh-gh-gh-ghoosts! would start at $100.  Then it goes up!
If agreement on a price can't be made, I won't do the figure.  Period.  I hate haggling and never trade, so don't try and don't offer.  Hagglers will more likely talk me out of doing the figure than dropping the price.  "Traders" will just irritate.

What about dolls and other things that you've already made?

Most of them have a price on their pages, either to buy the piece I have, or to order a new one.  If there isn't a price, contact me, and I'll give a quote.

What to expect from me

  • Repairs.  If the piece becomes broken, I will repair it for free.  Repairing is not the same as altering or enhancing, though.
  • Pictures showing the progress of the piece.  Customers in the past have found this helpful for giving comments, approving, disapproving, etc.  Sometimes facial expressions have been changed, or costumes, or even materials.
  • Final pictures for approval
  • Making the piece!

What I humbly request of you

  • 1/3 payment upfront.  I prefer Paypal but will accept checks or money orders.
  • PATIENCE.  Please understand that I work full-time, and then work on my pieces after the dayjob and between those pesky errands.  That's partly why I don't charge as much for my pieces as I should.  A lower price takes the sting out of the wait (I hope).  A small sculpture would take the least amount of time - 1-3 months, whereas a 12" doll/action figure or plush piece would take the longest - 3 months or more (usually more).
  • With that in mind, if the piece has a deadline such as a birthday, holiday, anniversary, etc, please order as early as possible.
  • If you want a piece in your own image, or of a loved one, lots of reference photos!  I'll give specifics on quantity, angles and things like that.
  • Feedback on progress photos.  Yea or Nay?  Final approval or Start over?

Ready to rumble?  Drop me a line, then:

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