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This page doesn't serve any other purpose than to show off pics of me with celebrities, or people that I think are celebs. I'm a self-aware Puck, I am! Some are of folks receiving their respective characters' dolls, such as the Farscape actors. Click any pic to see a larger version.

Ben Browder of the greatest TV show ever, Farscape, sort of receiving his John Crichton doll at the Creation Con in Burbank, November, 2003.  Obviously this is not a candid shot, but the official "photo op" pic from Creation.  But this was my only chance for him to see it, so I took it.  He approved.

Virginia Hey, aka "Zhaan" of Farscape, showing that she's not afraid to get close to fans.  I didn't present her Zhaan doll until later.  It was a rushed affair, but she got the chance later to thank me for it.

Bianca Chiminello, aka Jenavian of Farscape's "Look at the Princess" trilogy.  I don't have a Jenavian doll (yet), but she was happy to pose with me, anyway.  Obviously not one of the official photo ops, but was taken at the "cocktail party" at Creation.

David Franklin, aka Braca of Farscape, finally getting to play with his own Mini Braca (see earlier pic of him below).  Obviously not the official photo op, but a candid shot in the autograph line, where we were told not to take pictures.

Being a Celebrity Whore can pay off, people! Me 'n' filmmaker Kevin Smith, object of my obsession prior to Farscape. I mean his movies were the obsession, not him. Although having received his Silent Bob figure (and had approved), Bob had been put back in his box at the time, so Smith posed with Bartleby the fallen angel instead. This was taken in Oct. 2003 at the second "Stash Bash" in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Me 'n' Brian O'Halloran, best-known as Dante in Clerks, plus various members of Dante's family in Smith's various movies. And the voice of Dante in the cartoons, and... You get the picture. Also taken at the "Stash Bash." Alas, it's blurrier than I like, but it's hard to tell when looking at the digital camera display.

His Eminence Jonathan Hardy holds His Eminence Rygel XVI, deposed dominar of over 600 billion subjects. Note that Mr. Hardy provided the *voice* of Rygel and was not expected to climb into a Rygel suit for Farscape.

Presented to him at "Scapercon" 2003 in Chicago.

Wayne Pygram, aka Scorpius, TV's scariest villain EVER, at - big surprise - "Scapercon" 2003 in Chicago. I think we're actually looking at Anthony Simcoe's camera, who'd brought his own to prove to his Australian mates that he really is a semi-big star in America, and that people really do line up for his autograph.

Wayne was pleased that Li'l Scorpy had the most accessories, such as an army helmet, Hawaiian shirt, removable epaulets, and that spinning rod thing in his head.

David Franklin, aka Captain Braca, again at "Scapercon" 2003. His Braca is still in progress (Update: no, it's finished!). This is actually the 2nd pic with him; for some reason he was giving most people there two! (Take that, Creation Con!) Included here for the heckuvit.

Francesca Buller, aka Ben's wife, oblivious to the Raxil doll before her, but maybe she noticed it later.  Also part of Creation's photo op pics.

Raelee Hill, aka Sikozu of Farscape, posing with me 'n' Mini Sikky in Burbank.  She seemed to approve of her 1/6 scale counterpart.

Paul Goddard, aka Stark of Farscape, going crazy about his Mini Stark.  Okay, bad pun.  But he did like it.  Also taken, as you might guess, in Burbank at the Creation Con.

Claudia Black, aka Aeryn of Farscape, appearing to be pleased with her Mini Aeryn.  Like the other pics above, taken in Burbank during the official photo op time.

Jean Orrico, who I like to refer to as the Liontamer, and I.  The reason is that she's the "wrangler" for about half the cast of Farscape, arranging for their convention and other funtime public appearances.  So as mentioned above, she's a celeb to ME.  Also taken in Burbank.

Me 'n' Jason Mewes (I'm the fat one at left), also at the "Stash Bash" mentioned at left. I handed him an "IOU" card for a Jay doll, which is in progress even now. In retrospect I wonder if he had any idea what I was talking about, since he hadn't seen the other Dogma figures that I'd brought. A great day for the Celebrity Whore! Er, and a fan of Jay and Silent Bob.

Gigi Edgley, aka Chiana, happily receiving her custom Chiana doll (which she calls Mini Me) at Boston SFX Con in November 2002. It happened to be her birthday that day, too, which was a nice coincidence. Did I know ahead of time? I can barely remember friends' and relatives' birthdays, so no!

Lani Tupu receiving Li'l Crais at "Scapercon" 2003 in Chicago. As you can see, he'd begun playing with it right away before being reminded that I wanted a picture with him, too. That or Li'l Crais doesn't like where he's being held.

Anthony Simcoe, aka D'argo, also at "Scapercon" 2003 in Chicago. I'd met him before at United Fan Con, then Boston SFX, where he saw Gigi's Mini Chi and apparently didn't believe that D'argo was next. Heh. As always, the poor guy had to drop about a foot just to be in the same frame as I am. He beats my height by about a foot and a half!

Rebecca Riggs, aka Commandant Mele-on Grayza, at "Scapercon" 2003 in Chicago, offering to rid me of some of my excess flab, Peacekeeper style. Her own Commandant Cleavage is still in progress (Update: no, it's finished!), but I thought I'd put this here, anyway.

Fellow Farscape fan "El Renno" was kind enough to take these reaction shots of the guests receiving their gifts: